那些好的春节英文祝福语是怎么写的呢?“Good luck and great success in the coming New Year.祝来年好运,并取得更大的成就。”春节与清明节、端午节、中秋节并称为中国四大传统节日,而春节是中国最重要的节日,春节里,人们把沉淀一年的情感化作祝福语送与亲朋好友,下面是由小编为大家整理的“春节短信拜年祝福语大全英文”,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


1.A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend.希望新年祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。

2.The Spring Festival arrives, the God of wealth arrives, the God of fortune accompanies my short message arrival! The new year is more precious, and next year life will be more beautiful. 新春到,财神到,幸运之神伴随我的短消息到!新的一年更加珍重,明年生活锦上添花。

3.Wishing you and yours a happy happy new year.万事如意,合家平安。

4.In the new year, I wish you all success and harmony。 In order to work hard for their own dreams, we must make every effort and harvest. 在新的一年里,祝大家万事顺利,家庭和睦。为了自己的梦想努力,一分耕耘,一分收获。

5.Happy New Year, bright future, lucky stars, prosperous fortune, family happiness, prosperity, good fortune, such as the East China Sea, longevity than the Nanshan Mountains! 祝新年快乐,前程似锦,吉星高照,财运亨通,合家欢乐,飞黄腾达,福如东海,寿比南山!

6.Wish our country flourishes and people live in peace.国泰民安。

7.Best wishes for the year to come!恭贺新禧!

8.Timely wind and rain bring good harvest.风调雨顺。

9.Day to keep you warm, to give you a warm, I'll give you a blessing. I wish you luck dense like rain! Troubles fly like clouds, like, like dinosaurs extinct sorrow, happiness as sweet honey. Happy New Year!天给你温暖,地给你温馨,我给你祝福。祝你运气像雨点一样密集!烦恼像流云一样飞去,忧愁像恐龙一样灭绝,幸福像蜂蜜一样甜美。新年快乐!

10.Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year.致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快乐幸福。

11.New Year‘s greetings and best wishes! 致新年贺忱与最美好的祝福!

12.Black eyes, straight nose, head domesticated hen Han Han's face makes me want to get to sleep at night. Multi want to touch you, hug you want more, you want to see more Diao root Sahuan bones in the sun: You are my beloved little dog!黑黑的眼睛直直的鼻,绒绒的脑袋憨憨的脸让我想得夜难眠。多想摸摸你,多想抱抱你,多想看你在阳光下叼根骨头撒欢:你就是我心爱的小狗狗!

13.You willing or unwilling, Ram will be in the past. Do you want or do not want to go through the new Year of the Dragon will come. Do you believe or do not believe that our life will be better. I wish you a good mood with a live dragon!你愿,或者不愿意,羊年都将过去。你想或者不想经历,新的龙年都将到来。你信或者不信,我们的生活将会越来越好。祝你龙年带着好心情过活!

14.Papercranes, thousands of heart, bless you forever. I wish you all a happy New Year! 千纸鹤,千颗心,永远祝福你。祝大家新春快乐!

15.Happy New Year! A happy New Year in a good mood, good body, everything works. 新年好!祝新年心情好,身体好,一切顺心。

16.Time and space far away from the heart did not change. Today, I will give you light the candle, drying wet season past. I'll send you a different weekday blessing, because there are only four words to say once a year: Happy New Year!时空的遥远并没改变心的距离。今天,我会为你点亮蜡烛,烘干一季潮湿的往事。我会给你送一个不同平日的祝福,因为有四字一年只说一次:元旦快乐!

17.May your New Year be filled with special moment,warmth,peace and happiness,the joy of covered ones near,and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness. 愿你的新年充满温馨,祥和,与亲人团聚的快乐,祝乐陶陶,新年乐无限.

18.If money is also a kind of wrong, repeat one's mistakes to you! Happy New Year! 如果有钱也是一种错,愿你一错再错!新春快乐!

19.Have a caring heart, to distant with you, may happiness always be with you always. 心中有一份牵挂,款款捎给远方的你,愿快乐永与你相伴。

20.Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year 恭祝健康幸运,新年快乐。


21.An unswerving friendship, with thousands of sincere wishes, to my missing friends, warmly greeting: Happy Spring Festival! New year's progress! 一份不渝的友谊,挚着千万个祝福,给我想念的朋友,温声地问侯:春节快乐!新年进步!

22.We will be having New Year Party at Wang Ping's this year. You are welcome to join us!今年我们要在王平家开新年晚会,欢迎你也来!

23.Hope everything goes your way.万事如意。

24.Here's a tender New Year kiss from you know who.你的心上人献给你一个温柔的新年之吻。

25.There are light poems in the long clouds, continuous joy in the light poems, and my gentle greetings in the continuous joy. Happy New Year! 悠悠的云里有淡淡的诗,淡淡的诗里有绵绵的喜悦,绵绵的喜悦里有我轻轻的问候,新年快乐!

26.May the salary shine, the house price recede, the mood be wonderful, the days be sweet and the happiness be satisfactory in the new year. 愿新的一年里,工资闪耀耀,房价归退退,心情美妙妙,日子甜蜜蜜,幸福如意意!

27.From all of us in sales: Happy New Year!我们销售部全体人员祝您圣诞快乐!

28.I'll pay you a new year! I wish you good health, feeling better and better, and people becoming more and more beautiful! Life is more and more romantic! Happy New Year! 向你拜大年!祝你身体健康,心情越来越好,人越来越漂亮!生活越来越浪漫!新春快乐!

29.May happiness follow you wherever you go!愿快乐幸福永远伴随您左右。


31.May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!愿新年带给你和你所爱的人许多美好的事物和无尽的祝福!

32.ishing you all the blessings of a beautiful season.愿你拥有美丽的新年所有的祝福。

33.With very best wishes for your happiness in the new year.致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快乐幸福。

34.Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season.祝节日幸福如意。

35.To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always be with you. 恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。

36.Good luck and great success in the coming New Year.祝来年好运不断,成就连连。

37.Money and treasures will be plentiful.招财进宝。

38.Sound of blessing, silk friendship, string of miss, into a gift, stay in your heart, wish a happy New Year, all the best! 声声祝福,丝丝情谊,串串思念,化作一份礼物,留在你的心田,祝新年快乐,万事如意!

39.May a river of gold flow into your pocket.财源广进。

40.Wishing every happiness will always be with you. 恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。


41.A new year wish from your nephew.您的侄儿祝您新年快乐。


43.New Year comes but once a year. But when it comes it brings good cheer.新年一年只有一次,但每次来临都带来喜悦。

44.Thank you for your hard work and patience on this holiday season.值此佳节,谨对您的辛勤栽培表示感谢。

45.Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful season.愿你拥有美丽的新年所有的祝福。

46.Wish you a happy new year and a good fortune in the coming year when we will share our happiness, think of our good friends, and our dreams come true!在这快乐分享的时刻,思念好友的时刻,美梦成真的时刻,祝你—新年快乐,佳节如意!

47.The Spring Festival comes, SMS reports; New Year greetings, wish you smile; life is happy, good luck over; double wages, have both fame and wealth, opportunities around; health need; a text message, all is well.春节来到,短信报道;新年问好,愿你微笑;生活幸福,好运笼罩;工资翻番,机遇围绕;福禄双全,健康必要;短信一条,一切安好。


49.The new year is here, wishing you every success and every joy in your life. 新年到了,衷心祝福你年年圆满如意,月月事事顺心,日日喜悦无忧!

50.Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.请接受我诚挚的新年祝福,顺祝身体健康。

51.At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.新年的祝福,平日的希冀,愿你心境祥和、充满爱意,愿你的世界全是美满,愿你一切称心如意,快乐无比。

52.Celebrate the Spring Festival, celebrate the festival, congratulations on making a fortune! Happy new year, everything goes well. 贺新春,庆佳节,恭喜发财!过年好,万事顺,事事如意!

53.I wish you a happy Spring Festival, all the luck, you and your family happiness and good luck in New Year! 愿你新春快乐,万事如意,心想事成,家庭幸福,新年大吉大利!

54.There are light poems in the long clouds, continuous joy in the light poems, and my gentle greetings in the continuous joy. Happy Year of the Pig! 悠悠的云里有淡淡的诗,淡淡的诗里有绵绵的喜悦,绵绵的喜悦里有我轻轻的问候,猪年快乐!

55.The New Year, "forever" believe in yourself, efforts more than others! 在新的一年,“永远”相信自己,努力超过别人!

56.May happiness follow you wherever you go!愿您幸福快乐,直到永远永远。

57.New Year New Year gift, clockwork SMS send to you. Healthy and happy longer with you. 新年拜年不送礼,发条短信送给你。健康快乐长伴你。

58.Best of luck in the year to come.愿你在新的一年里,吉星高照。


60.With best wishes for a happy New Year!祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。

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