除夕的时候发送什么英文祝福语好呢?“Please accept my seasons greetings.请接受我节日的祝贺。”春节与清明节、端午节、中秋节并称为中国四大传统节日,而春节是中国最重要的节日,人们在春节之前的除夕,会贴上大红的春联,送上祝福,为了让您在使用时更加简单方便,下面是小编整理的“疫情下的春节走心的英文祝福语”,仅供参考。


1.New Year should be a time of banked-up fines,the scent of flowers and wine,good talk,good memories and loyalties renewed.But if all else is lacking - love will do. 新年是这样美好的时光:炉火熊熊,花儿芬芳,醇酒飘香,殷殷祝福,美好回忆,恩爱日新.即便没有一切,只要有爱便足矣.

2.Are those memorable days, I always sing the melody. You are now ok? 那些难忘的日子,是我永远吟唱的旋律。你如今还好吗?


4.Thank you for your concern, thank you for your help。 Please accept my new year's greetings, wishing you peace and happiness. 感谢你的关怀,感谢你的'帮助。请接受我新年的祝愿,祝你平安幸福!

5.Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。

6.New Year bell will be ringing, wish you all the best in the New Year! 新年的钟声即将响起,愿你在新的一年里事事如意!

7.I rejoice with you and wish you a long and happy meaningful life.我跟你一起高兴,祝你健康长寿,生活充满诗情画意。

8.Preparing for 2022! Believe that 2022 is not the same as a year! 准备迎接2022!相信2022年会是个不一样的一年!


10.At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.新年的祝福,愿你心境祥和、充满爱意,美丽填满你的世界,满足和喜悦充满你的每一天。

11.With best wishes for a happy New Year!祝新年快乐!

12.In this affectionate season, in this peaceful New Year, I want to send you a full mind of missing and countless blessings。 在这深情的季节里,在这祥和的新年里,我好想送你一份满盈胸怀的思念和数不尽的祝福。

13.Goodbye a year of hard work, ushered in another brand—new year, I wish you in the new year, a grand show, a wide range of financial resources! 送走了一年的辛劳,迎来了又一个崭新的年月,祝您在新的一年里,大展宏图,财源广进!

14.Hope everything will be ok in the coming New Year.祝你在即将到来的新年里一切顺利

15.Much joy to you in the upcoming year. 愿您在新的一年充满快乐。

16.I use all joy, pray for you, I wish you a year in which peace, joy. 我用所有的喜悦,为你祈祷,愿你在这一年里平安、快乐。

17.Day to keep you warm, to give you a warm, I'll give you a blessing. I wish you luck dense like rain! Troubles fly like clouds, like, like dinosaurs extinct sorrow, happiness as sweet honey. Happy New Year!天给你温暖,地给你温馨,我给你祝福。祝你运气像雨点一样密集!烦恼像流云一样飞去,忧愁像恐龙一样灭绝,幸福像蜂蜜一样甜美。新年快乐!


19.Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season.祝节日幸福如意。

20.Seasons greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy new year!献上节日的问候与祝福,愿你拥有一个充满生机和欢乐的新年。


21.Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year.致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快乐幸福。

22.Please accept my season's greetings.祝福您,新年快乐。

23.Good luck and great success in the coming New Year.祝来年好运,并取得更大的成就。

24.Happy New Year to shareholders friends beaming, silver twinkle is great, the stock market as great a fire in the New Year. 祝股民朋友新年喜气洋洋,银钿多多,新年股市火得不得了。

25.Good luck in the year ahead!恭贺新禧!

26.You willing or unwilling, Ram will be in the past. Do you want or do not want to go through the new Year of the Dragon will come. Do you believe or do not believe that our life will be better. I wish you a good mood with a live dragon!你愿,或者不愿意,羊年都将过去。你想或者不想经历,新的龙年都将到来。你信或者不信,我们的生活将会越来越好。祝你龙年带着好心情过活!

27.In the new year, I wish you every second of the day and night safely perfectly healthy happy days and nights each year is a little guilty forever happily always Fengfengguangguang lifetimes cis Dangdang.在新的一年里,愿您分分秒秒平平安安朝朝暮暮开开心心日日夜夜健健康康岁岁年年潇潇洒洒永永远远快快乐乐时时刻刻风风光光生生世世顺顺当当


29.A happy New Year to you.祝节日快乐,新年幸福。

30.Time and space far away from the heart did not change. Today, I will give you light the candle, drying wet season past. I'll send you a different weekday blessing, because there are only four words to say once a year: Happy New Year!时空的遥远并没改变心的距离。今天,我会为你点亮蜡烛,烘干一季潮湿的往事。我会给你送一个不同平日的祝福,因为有四字一年只说一次:元旦快乐!

31.On this special day I send you New Year's greetings and hope that some day soon we shall be together. 祝你今后获得更大成就。

32.May you be as energetic as a dragon and a horse.龙马精神。

33.Live long and proper!恭喜发财!

34.New Year time is here.I hope you have a wonderful New Year.May every day hold happy hours for you. 新年来临,祝新年快乐,愿你时时刻刻幸福欢乐!

35.theres no place like home for the holidays.在这佳节里,没有比家更好的地方了。

36.May joy and health be with you always.祝您永远健康快乐。

37.Send you a 100% innocent candy: + miss + component = really happy, valid = life, nutrition, happiness + + = warm moved, Manufacturer: true friend I wish you a Happy New Year!!送你一份100%纯情奶糖:成分=真心+思念+快乐,有效期=一生,营养=温馨+幸福+感动,制造商:真心朋友!祝你新年快乐,万事如意!

38.Wish all the best wishes for you.献上最美好的祝愿。

39.May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love。祝新年快乐,并愿你幸福吉祥,前程似锦。

40.Have a bright future.鹏程万里。


41.May you come into a good fortune!恭喜发财!

42.In the new year, I wish you every success in your career。 Realize one's ambition! Prosperous financial resources! Good life is safe! 新的一年,祝福你事业蒸蒸日上,前途无量!大展宏图!财源亨通!好人一生平安!

43.There are light poems in the long clouds, continuous joy in the light poems, and my gentle greetings in the continuous joy. Happy Year of the Pig! 悠悠的云里有淡淡的诗,淡淡的诗里有绵绵的喜悦,绵绵的喜悦里有我轻轻的问候,猪年快乐!

44.This letter just no ink, between the lines for busy, night lights and star, I hope the undercurrent drips, happy New Year good time, total heart feelings surging, wish you happy new year without sorrow, happy new year!此信短短无墨香,字里行间祈愿忙,夜夜华灯伴星光,日日希冀暗流淌,幸福新年好时光,心中情谊总激荡,愿你新的一年幸福无忧,新年欢畅!

45.I wish I were home for the holidays.但愿我能回家共度佳节。

46.It's a great honor to work and study under your leadership in the past year。 Wish you good health and success in the new year. 很荣幸过去的一年里能在您的领导下工作和学习,祝您在新的一年里健康如意,马到成功!

47.Wish you prosperity. 恭喜发财。

48.May you enjoy all the joys you expect during the Spring Festival. Every little thing can bring you sweet feelings and endless happiness. 愿你在春节享有期望中的全部喜悦,每一件微小的事物都能带给你甜美的感受和无穷的快乐。

49.In the new year, I wish you all success and harmony。 In order to work hard for their own dreams, we must make every effort and harvest. 在新的一年里,祝大家万事顺利,家庭和睦。为了自己的梦想努力,一分耕耘,一分收获。

50.Yangyang happy home celebrate the New Year, every year New Year HuanHuanLeLe horse! 洋洋喜气热热闹闹喜迎新年,年年新春欢欢乐乐心想事成!

51.New Year wish: Xicongtianxiang, wealth thrive; go out on New Year's encounter repay; to work easily and suddenly soaring; work smoothly, sheep to succeed; buy Note Lottery, prize off the bag; good luck every day, all to achieve.新春祝愿:喜从天降,人财兴旺;出门拜年,遇到还钱;上班轻松,突然高升;做事顺利,羊到成功;买注福彩,奖落袋中;好运天天,全都实现。

52.Happy New Year to you: don't fatten up, front you most qiao; Have money in hand, dreams are laughing. 祝你新年:身上不长膘,人前你最俏;手头有钞票,梦里都在笑。

53.If money is also a kind of wrong, repeat one's mistakes to you! Happy New Year! 如果有钱也是一种错,愿你一错再错!新春快乐!

54.For our ever-lasting friendship, send sincere blessings and warm greetings to my friends whom I miss so much.一份不渝的友谊,执着千万个祝福,给我想念的朋友,温馨的问候。

55.Best wishes for a wonderful new year.献上最诚挚的祝福,祝您新年恰愉快。

56.Wishing you a happy New Year! May the world be full of details and peace. With my sincerest heart, I wish you a happy year. 愿你过一个开心的新年!愿世界充满详和,我以最真诚的心,祝愿您拥有幸福的一年。

57.New Year, good things continue, mood season such as spring, color of life, prosperous career, worry night clouds outside, heart blessing you! 新年,好事接连,心情季如春,生活颜色,事业兴旺达,烦恼宵云外,心意祝福你!

58.New Year new atmosphere, I wish you in the New Year health, family happiness, success. 新年新气象,祝你在新的一年里身体健康,合家欢乐,马到成功。

59.Your entire staff wishes you and yours a most happy new year.全体职员祝您及家人圣诞快乐。

60.To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always be with you. 恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。