您是不是在寻找更为别致的春节英文祝福语呢?“A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend.希望新年祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。”春节不管是在中国还是世界华人心目,其地位无可替代,人们在大年初一之前贴上春联,这就是最春节祝福的最原始表达,下面是由小编为大家整理的春节对朋友说的英文祝福语句简短,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


1.On this special day I send you New Year’s greetings and hope that some day soon we shall be together.Happy new year, my best friend.在这特殊的日子,向你致以新年的祝福,希望不久我们能相聚在一起。祝我的挚友新年快乐。

2.Wish you prosperity. 恭喜发财。

3.I only want you for New year!我只要你作为我的新年礼物!


5.There are light poems in the long clouds, continuous joy in the light poems, and my gentle greetings in the continuous joy. Happy New Year! 悠悠的云里有淡淡的诗,淡淡的诗里有绵绵的喜悦,绵绵的喜悦里有我轻轻的问候,新年快乐!


7.Promoting to a higher position.步步高升。

8.Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful season.愿你拥有美丽的新年所有的祝福。

9.This is the first Spring Festival after our acquaintance, I would like to offer a special blessing: may your heart be like mine, with sincere friendship. 这是我们相识后的第一个春节,我要献上一声特别的祝福:愿你心似我心,共以真诚铸友情。

10.For you and your family, boss, during this holiday season!值此佳节,老板,献给您及您的家人。

11.In the season of joy I present my sincere wishes and kind thoughts.May the kind of New Year outshine all the rest. 在这欢乐的时节给你我最真的祝福和亲切的思念,愿你今年的新年比往年更璀璨.

12.Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year 恭贺新禧,万事如意。

13.Congratulation red envelopes, don't take a red envelope into the panda. 恭喜发财红包拿来,不拿红包打成熊猫。

14.You are my winter jacket, night lamp, hunger bread, summer ice cream. This New Year you're not by my side, I have nothing, only to miss the compiled text messages, I wish you a happy New Year!你是我冬天里的棉袄,黑夜里的灯泡,饥饿中的面包,夏天里的雪糕。这个春节你不在我的身边,我什么都没有了,只有把思念编成短信,祝你新春快乐!

15.May the New Year be a time of laughter and real enjoyment for you Best wishes 愿新年不仅是你欢笑的时刻,更是你欣喜的日子。祝福你。

16.Fortune Wang Fu Wang is lucky。 I wish you a happy New Year! 财旺福旺运气旺,万马奔腾迎旺年!祝您新年快乐!

17.Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year. 请接受我们对你及你全家的美好祝福,愿你们新春快乐。

18.Please accept my seasons greetings.请接受我节日的祝贺。

19.Good luck in the year ahead!祝吉星高照!

20.I look forward to your class after the new year.我期待着新年过后,再上您的课。


21.Sound of blessing, silk friendship, string of miss, into a gift, stay in your heart, wish a happy New Year, all the best! 声声祝福,丝丝情谊,串串思念,化作一份礼物,留在你的心田,祝新年快乐,万事如意!

22.My arms are wide open for you this New Year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

23.Take good care of yourself in the year ahead.请多保重!

24.May you come into a good fortune!祝吉星高照!

25.The Spring Festival arrives, the God of wealth arrives, the God of fortune accompanies my short message arrival! The new year is more precious, and next year life will be more beautiful. 新春到,财神到,幸运之神伴随我的短消息到!新的一年更加珍重,明年生活锦上添花。

26.Have a bright future.鹏程万里。

27.May many fortunes find their way to you!多福多寿!

28.Warm greetings and best wishes for the New Year!致以热烈的祝贺和良好的祝福,新年快乐。

29.Good luck in the year ahead!恭贺新禧!

30.Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.祝你在新的一年里身体健康,多福多寿。

31.A good start in the New Year.新春大吉

32.A happy New Year to you.祝节日快乐,新年幸福。

33.I am here to say Happy New Year to everyone!我给大家拜年了!

34.Ancient people sweep away the dust for the New Year. Wish you also sweep away the dust of the year in your heart. In the New Year, wish you a happy year! 古人都扫尘过年,愿你也扫去心中一年的风尘,在新春佳节的时候,祝你一年都开心!

35.So far away, no gifts, no big meals, only I care about your heart and the most sincere wishes: Happy New Year! 这么远的距离,没有礼物,没有大餐,只有我牵挂你的心和最最真诚的一声祝福:新年快乐!

36.May all your wishes come true.心想事成

37.m hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things.传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!

38.May you have two bodyguards escorting you all the time during the happy time of the Spring Festival, always happy and healthy! 祝愿你新春欢乐时光里一直有两位保镖的护航,时刻快乐安康!

39.Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.祝福您及全家新年快乐。

40.Two sea sun dress bag, homemade kilograms blessing, the United States Trustee to buy some happiness, bought two bottles of French romance, cut a dash of care from the depths of the heart, as a gift for you. Happy New Year and good luck!装一袋阳光两把海风,自制几斤祝福,托人到美国买了些快乐,法国买了两瓶浪漫,从心的深处切下几许关怀,作为礼物送给你。祝新年快乐,万事如意!


41.There are light poems in the long clouds, continuous joy in the light poems, and my gentle greetings in the continuous joy. Happy Year of the Pig! 悠悠的云里有淡淡的诗,淡淡的诗里有绵绵的喜悦,绵绵的喜悦里有我轻轻的问候,猪年快乐!


43.May joy and health be with you always.祝您永远健康快乐。

44.In the new year, I wish you success in your work in the new year, family happiness, good health and all the best. 新年到,祝你在新的一年里,工作顺利,家庭幸福,身体健康,万事如意!

45.All memories such as the dust settled, inadvertently awakened, at the end of the New Year, silently persistent love. 所有的记忆如落定的尘埃,不经意间惊醒,在岁末新春之际,默默执着的思恋。

46.May a river of gold flow into your pocket.财源广进。

47.Wish the white and beautiful snowflakes, with my best wishes, fly to your side, wish you a happy New Year and prosperous career! 愿片片洁白美丽的雪花,带着我美好的祝愿,飞到你的身边,祝你新年如意,事业发达!

48.I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.谨祝新年快乐幸福,大吉大利。

49.Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year, wish a healthy body. 请接受我诚挚的新年祝福,顺祝身体健康。

50.May the coming new year bring you joy, love and peace.愿新年为你带来快乐,友爱和宁静。

51.Well be here after the New Year.新年过后,我们会再回来。

52.Goodbye a year of hard work, ushered in another brand—new year, I wish you in the new year, a grand show, a wide range of financial resources! 送走了一年的辛劳,迎来了又一个崭新的年月,祝您在新的一年里,大展宏图,财源广进!

53.The new year is here, wishing you every success and every joy in your life. 新年到了,衷心祝福你年年圆满如意,月月事事顺心,日日喜悦无忧!

54.Happy New Year! Everything is all right! Family happiness! Source of money widely enter! Congratulation!!!! 新春快乐!万事大吉!合家欢乐!财源广进!恭喜发财!

55.May happiness follow you wherever you go!愿您幸福快乐,直到永远永远。


57.Timely wind and rain bring good harvest.风调雨顺。

58.Wish many good wishes for the holidays and the coming year.Wishing you many future successes.新的一年,向你献上最诚挚的祝福。祝你今后获得更大成就。

59.Warm greetings and best wishes for happiness and good luck in the coming year. 衷心祝福来年快乐、幸运!

60.New Year comes but once a year. But when it comes it brings good cheer.新年一年只有一次,但每次来临都带来喜悦。